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03 Jan 2019 Post-New Year Campaign: Robinson Moves To Stimulate Economy With Robinson End Of Season Sale
14 Dec 2018 The Grand Opening for this year end! 'Robinson Lifestyle Chaiyaphum' The new delightful phenomenon 'The City of Happiness' In the first complete lifestyle destination 'Eat - Shop - Travel' in the city
18 Nov 2018 Robinson promoted 'Big Seasonal Marketing' Unites Department Store and Shopping Mall to deliver 2 grand campaigns for 'Christmas - New Year' 'ROBINSON GIFTS' and 'ROBINSON LIFESTYLE MAKE A WISH'
19 Oct 2018 Robinson Jeans Campaign Brings 30 Partner Brands
18 Oct 2018 Robinson is ready for the last quarter of the year! Approach the Travelers market section during the High Season launched the campaign 'ROBINSON TRAVEL & LEISURE'
18 Sep 2018 Robinson's Customer Experience Strategies Aim to Win Shoppers' Hearts, Reinforcing Leadership Position As Lifestyle Destination For Cosmetics, Fashion, Kids, and Home Through ‘ROBINSON FOR YOU' Campaign.
13 Sep 2018 Robinson Marches Forth In Presenting Business Plan To Partners
16 Aug 2018 Lingerie Market Awakened. Robinson Joins Forces With Over 70 Partners to bring ‘ROBINSON LINGERIE' Campaign to Life in H2/2018
16 Jul 2018 Five Partners Invite All Shoppers To Join Forces As One In ‘Robinson Weaves Dreams For Kids Year 12'
31 May 2018 Robinson's The Greatest Grand Sale Campaign Launched To Support Economic Recovery
11 Mar 2018 Robinson To Open New Branches in Support of EEC and Secondary City Policies Planned investment of 3 billion Baht will be spent on the third branch in Chonburi and another in Chaiyaphum. Robinson is confident in 2018 prospect and anticipates the same growth rate as the GDP.
28 Nov 2017 Robinson PCL Receives Outstanding Investor Relations Awards in ‘Set Award 2017'
19 May 2017 Robinson's Success Spans Across 4 Core Businesses, Moving Forth with "Transforming Robinson 2017" and Creating New DNA under "Robinson PCL"
15 May 2017 RobinsOn Health and Wellness
28 Apr 2017 Robinson Organizes Annual General Shareholders' Meeting 1/2017
28 Apr 2017 Robinson's Success Spans Across Its Four Core Businesses and Pushes Forth "Transforming Robinson 2017"
18 Apr 2017 "Robinson helps parents save on the cost of the new school semester with Robinson School Break Campaign"
06 Mar 2017 "Robinson" unveils sales strategy for summer with launch of campaign "ROBINSON Holiday"
01 Feb 2017 "Robinson" launches "RobinsOn Shoes" campaign
09 Jan 2017 Robinson celebrates the Chinese New Year 2017, the Year of Rooster under the campaign "RobinsOn Chinese New Year".