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13 Sep 2018 Robinson Marches Forth In Presenting Business Plan To Partners
28 Nov 2017 Robinson PCL Receives Outstanding Investor Relations Awards in ‘Set Award 2017'
19 May 2017 Robinson's Success Spans Across 4 Core Businesses, Moving Forth with "Transforming Robinson 2017" and Creating New DNA under "Robinson PCL"
15 May 2017 RobinsOn Health and Wellness
28 Apr 2017 Robinson Organizes Annual General Shareholders' Meeting 1/2017
28 Apr 2017 Robinson's Success Spans Across Its Four Core Businesses and Pushes Forth "Transforming Robinson 2017"
18 Apr 2017 "Robinson helps parents save on the cost of the new school semester with Robinson School Break Campaign"
06 Mar 2017 "Robinson" unveils sales strategy for summer with launch of campaign "ROBINSON Holiday"
01 Feb 2017 "Robinson" launches "RobinsOn Shoes" campaign
09 Jan 2017 Robinson celebrates the Chinese New Year 2017, the Year of Rooster under the campaign "RobinsOn Chinese New Year".

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