The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders No. 1/2011
Information for Shareholders Meeting
Notice for the Annual General Meeting of the shareholders No. 1/2011 [ PDF File]
1. A copy of the Minutes of the Anuual General Meeting of Shareholders No. 1/2010 [ PDF File]
2. Annual Report for the year 2010 [ PDF File]
3. Profiles of the persons who proposed to be the Directors [ PDF File]
4. Definition of Independent Director of the Company [ PDF File]
5. Details of the Directors’ remuneration for the year 2011 [ PDF File]
6. Proxy Forms    
- Proxy Form A [ PDF File]
- Proxy Form B [ PDF File]
- Proxy Form C [ PDF File]
7. The Company’s Articles of Association relating to the General Meeting of Shareholders [ PDF File]
8. Documents verifying eligibility to attend the meeting [ PDF File]
9. Names and information of the Independent Directors being proposed as a proxy holder [ PDF File]
10. Location Map of the meeting venue [ PDF File]

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