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Q.01 How many stores does Robinson operate and what is your target this year?

In 1Q16, Robinson operates a total of 42 stores nationwide which comprise of 11 stores in Bangkok and 14 stores in upcountry.

In second half of 2016, we plan to open 2 stores in Nakornsrithammarat province (Department store) and Lopburi province (Life style center)

Q.02 How is the product assortment of Robinson during last 3 years?

Categories % of revenue
2015 2014 2013
Health and Beauty 14 14 14
Fashion 39 37 38
Accessories 29 31 30
Home and Hardline 18 18 18
  100 100 100
Q.03 What are the strength points of Robinson?
  1. The solid sales growth from Robinson's existing stores
  2. Gross margin is expected to improve every year, resulted from an increase in sales as well as an effective merchandising management
  3. By having an efficient cost control and management
  4. To provide exclusive products only at Robinson such as international brand (Claires, baby shop, Aeropostale and Payless) and house brand ( Snap, Cuizimate and etc)
Q.04 How is Robinson' dividend policy?

The company has a policy to pay the dividend to shareholders is approximately 40% of profit arising from ordinary business (after corporate income tax)

Q.05 Who are the Company's major shareholders?

Top 5 major shareholders as of March,2016

No. Shareholder's name No. of share %
1. Central Retail Corporation Ltd. 308,162,660 27.7%
2. C.R.G. Service CO.,LTD. 289,645,488 26.1%
3. Credit Suisse Singapore Branch REDIT SUISSE SINGAPORE BRANCH 43,444,765 3.9%
4. Social Security fund 37,607,000 3.4%
5. State Street Bank Europe Limited 30,762,073 2.8%

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