Q.01 How many stores does Robinson have and target store at the end of this year?

At the end of 3Q17, We have operated 44 stores (11 Stores in Bangkok and 33 Stores in Nationwide). This year, the Company plans to open three new stores in Thailand (one lifestyle center in Petchaburi in the 2Q17, and another in Kampaengphet and a department store in Mahachai in the 4Q17

Q.02 What was your occupancy rate in 3Q17 ?

At the end of 3Q17, our occupancy rate for rental area was 99%

Q.03 What is your International brands and House brands contribution to sale as of 3Q17 and also number of stores?

International brands and house brands contributed around 11% of our total sales

Total stores
(at the end 3Q17)
Target total stores
(at the end of 2017)
Payless Shoesource 38 41
Babyshop 9 9
Just buy 43 45
Great value 20 30
Q.04 What are strategy of the Company in this year?

Our strategy are as follow

  1. To continue to drive sale: By reallocating space from underperforming categories to new and higher performing categories and service such as health and beauty, unisex/Jean, kids products, home products, and lingerie as well as Playing to trends categories (sport fashion or one price product 60 Bt)
  2. To improve our gross margin. Having increased the proportion of house brand and international brand items which offered better gross margin such as Great value, Payless, Babyshop, Justbuy and etc, coupled with implementing a string of suitable promotional campaign as the result of margin improvement
  3. To manage cost base such as a centralized cashier to best facilitate customers and minimized the number of staffs and working efficiency and also integrated layout. Furthermore, new lifestyle center in this year will install solar panel roof and also new with an aim to promote energy efficiency and environmental preservation.
  4. To invest for future growth by continue expansion of our stores especially lifestyle center(Shopping mall) and apply new technology to stimulate sale such as introduced Robinson online shopping as well as “Click and Collect” which customers order online and can pick up at any stores of Robinson in nationwide.

Making retail more than just shopping by creating new shopping experience for customers and also improve our service facilities inside malls such as coffee shop, free WIFI, Mobile charger and etc as well as arranging activities inside the malls (Center of Community)

Q.05 What is your dividend policy?

The Company’s dividend payout policy is at the rate of approximately 40% of profit arising from ordinary business (after corporate income tax). The Company’s dividend payment in the past is as follows:

Year Net Profit
(million Baht)
Dividend per share
Dividend Payout Ratio
2013 1,986 0.90 50%
2014 1,927 0.90 52%
2015 2,153 1.00 52%
2016 2,815 1.25 49%