Q.01 How many stores do Robinson have and target stores at the end of 2019?

Currently, the Company has 49 stores, comprising of 11 stores in Bangkok Metropolitan Area and 38 stores in the upcountry. In 2019, the Company plans to open 2 new stores - one department store in Phayao which already opened in January and one lifestyle center in Ladkrabang which will open in 4Q19, making a total 50 operating stores at the end of 2019.

Q.02 What was your occupancy rate in 1Q19?

At the end of 1Q19, our occupancy rate for rental area was 99%.


What is your sale contribution of your private label brands as of 1Q19?

Private label brands contributed at 12.4% of our total sales.

Q.04 What are strategies of the Company in 2019?

Our strategies are as follow:

  1. The branding management and continuous improvement of private label
    In order to cater to customer’s evolving demands and lifestyle, the Company has meticulously selected top-notch products to be on offer at its stores. Providing a vast variety of its product lines, coupled with the fact that these products are exclusively available at Robinson for differentiation which can attract new group of customers. Aside from house brands, our wide array of products on offer range from local and overseas top brands to licensed products targeted at domestic sales.
  2. A new store expansion on strategic locations to sustainably maintain its market share and Making Retail More Than Just Shopping
    The Company continuously expands 2-3 new stores per year across the country with an aim to occupy strategic locations on par with timely reaching its target groups. Besides, the Company also continuously renovates on its existing stores together with mixed of space uses through a range of perspectives, offering new and unrivalled experiences and festive events to the customers. Introducing a new height of shopping experience which inspires fun and excitement for customers enables Robinson to be the center of community gathering point for people from all walks of life.
  3. The full Omni-Channel operation
    The Company has recently established an Omni-Channel retailing strategy which integrated physical store with an online one. The Company has also placed an emphasis on increasing the number of SKU, providing interesting content and using social media platforms to effectively communicate with the customers. Apart from "Click and Collect" service, the Company also developed additional online platform via Line application called “Chat & Shop” service which received good feedback from the customers.
  4. The management of big data
    The Company has successfully reinforced business strength as both shopper information across online and offline platforms was employed to further business expansion and be able to create effective marketing campaigns matched with the customers.
  5. The management of the expenses
    The Company has effectively controlled its selling and administrative expenses by improving the working procedure, a continuous personnel development including cutting-edge technology in order to enhance its working efficiency while minimizing expenses. Moreover, the Company also adopted an integrated layout for the most efficient space utilization.
Q.05 What is your dividend policy?

The Company’s dividend payout policy is at the rate of approximately 40% of profit arising from ordinary business (after corporate income tax). The Company’s dividend payment in the past is as follows

Year Net Profit
(million Baht)
Dividend per share
Dividend Payout Ratio
2014 1,927 0.90 51.9%
2015 2,153 1.00 51.6%
2016 2,815 1.25 49.3%
2017 2,742 1.25 50.6%
2018 2,937 1.35 51.1%