Q.01 How many stores does Robinson have and target stores at the end of 2018?

At the end of 2017, We have operated 46 stores (11 Stores in Bangkok and 35 Stores in Nationwide). In 2018, the Company plans to open two new lifestyle centers in Chonburi (Q2)and Chaiyaphom (Q4).

Q.02 What was your occupancy rate in 1Q18?

At the end of 1Q18, our occupancy rate for rental area was 99%


What is your sale contribution of your private label brands group as of 1Q18?

Private label brands group contributed at 10.7% of our total sales

Q.04 What are strategy of the Company in 2018?

Our strategy are as follow

  1. To continue to drive sale: By reallocating space from underperforming categories to new and higher performing categories and service such as health and beauty, unisex/Jean, kids products, home products, and lingerie
  2. To improve our gross margin. Having increased the proportion of private label brands group coupled with a string of suitable promotion campaigns, to improve gross margin and paved way towards future sustainable growth.
  3. To manage cost base- New technology has been applied in order to improve work efficiency, productivities and minimize expenses such as centralize cashier, a use of tablet for an internal communication, an in-store inventory check, as well as facilitating an online purchase. In addition integrated layout has been adopted for the most efficient space utilization and also solar roof installation in recent mall for environmental friendly
  4. To invest for future growth by continue expansion of our stores especially lifestyle center(Shopping mall) and apply new technology to stimulate salea such as introduced Robinson online shopping as well as “Click and Collect” which customers order online and can pick up at any stores of Robinson in nationwide.
  5. Making retail more than just shopping The Company continue to renovate our existing stores by creating new shopping experience for customers and also improve our service facilities inside malls such as coffee shop, free WIFI, Mobile charger and etc as well as arranging activities inside the malls (Center of Community).
Q.05 What is your dividend policy?

The Company’s dividend payout policy is at the rate of approximately 40% of profit arising from ordinary business (after corporate income tax). The Company’s dividend payment in the past is as follows

Year Net Profit
(million Baht)
Dividend per share
Dividend Payout Ratio
2013 1,986 0.90 50.3%
2014 1,927 0.90 51.9%
2015 2,153 1.00 51.6%
2016 2,815 1.25 49.3%
2017 2,742 1.25 50.6%