Message from Chairman

Since its inception 38 years ago, Robinson Public Company Limited has grown from strength to strength and thrived to become Thailand’s leading “department store and lifestyle” with the highest number of branches nationwide. Indeed, such resounding success is a testament to the Company’s unwavering endeavorsin constantly expanding its investment in provinces which have strong economic potential, in keeping with introducing leading-edge products and service excellence to locals across the Kingdom. In so doing, it has enabled the Company to efficiently increase its market share, on par with generating the maximum profits.

The year 2017 saw an inauguration of three new stores, making a total 46 operating branches including “Department Store” and Lifestyle center” formats nationwide. Thanks to its 11 branches in Bangkok and suburban area, together with 35 branches in regional area, the Company is able to successfully occupy strategic locations across the country. Consequently, the Company is equipped with higher competitiveness to accomplish its targets against a challenging economic backdrop for retail business.

Running in parallel with that, Robinson Pcl has placed a paramount significance on human resource development, in line with launching a string of strategic marketing plans so as to achieve a continuous growth in its revenue and profitability Furthermore, by taking the “Robinson Makes Good Deeds” campaign as its theme, the Company has enhanced its role in looking after the society, community and loving environment, while customers are also able to participate in worthwhile social contribution activities for sustainable development. To this end, it helps pave way for the company to triumphantly maintain its widespread popularity among Thai shoppers, on par with preserving the utmost benefits for shareholders, customers, trading parters, as well as its staff.

As a forefront, the Company operating under good corporate governance with the highest standard of integrity and transparency and fairness strictly as per the government’s policy, the Company has been certified and become the full member of Thailand’s Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (CAC). And to its overwhelming pride, the Company is also presented with, in SET Awards 2017, the prestigious Outstanding Investor Relations Award for SET-listed companies that have an outstanding performance in implementing investor relations. This is not to mention the Outstanding Business Operator Award 2017, – the illustrious award the Company has been presented with for the 12th consecutive years – from the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare, the Ministry of Labour, for its outstanding labour relations and labour welfare records. Indeed, such honorable awards are a testament to the Company’s unfaltering dedication to promote well-being, in line with providing career advancement for its staff.

Finally, may I, on behalf of the Board of Directors, extend my warm thanks for every shareholder for your trust in the Company’s management and corporate governance, for the management team and every staff for your dedication in overcoming numerous challenges, as well as traders for your continued, kind support.

Mr. Sudhisak Chirathivat
Chairman of Board of Director
Robinson Public Company Limited